Thursday, 7 May 2009

Wicked wizards

Usually when I create an Apex application I use the Create Application wizard just for creating the application and not for specifying the pages within it (except for the one blank html page that is mandatory).
I know it is possible to directly specify the pages in the Create Application wizard, but normally I am not quite finished with the application design when I start building.
Recently I found out that this approach has an advantage: it saves you from the "assumptions" that the Create Application wizards makes.

For example, if you want Apex to use a sequence to populate the primary key, the wizard has no step for this. Moreover, if you add a Master Detail page, the wizard skips some questions about using a report and editing the details on the same page. The Create Page wizard contains more steps and is more accurate.

Of course, this is not really a big problem, as long as you are aware of the shortcuts in the Create Application wizard. So let's say, when you are level 1.5 in Dimitri's Apex Knowledge Levels

Conclusion: use the Create Application wizard to create (empty) applications, use the Create Page wizard to create pages.

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